Carita Rizzo

photo of Carita Rizzo
“Hi, I’m Carita, nice to meet you”
“Sorry, what was that?” Here we go...
“No, it’s ‘Car’ – like the one you drive – and Rita”
“Yeah, something like that” You and I are so going to be friends...
“That’s so pretty! Where is it from?”
“What, the name?”
“The name is Spanish. It means little face.” And charity in Latin. You look puzzled.
“I’m not. Spanish, that is,” You had to open the window! Why did you open that window? You could have just said 'It’s Spanish' and shut up! You could have said Mary from Omaha! But no, you had to go there...
“Really? Where are you from?” Lie! Lie!
“Finland.” Fine tell the truth.
“Yes, really.”
“How long have you been in the States?”
“Since 2003.”
“You don’t have an accent!”
“Yeah...No...” This is so awkward. There’s really no proper response to 'You have no accent'. Thanks? I'm a superspy? It’s non-regional diction? I did watch a lot of TV as a kid.
“Have you always spoken English?”
“I’ve been taught English at school since the age of 9. I did my degree in journalism in Edinburgh, Scotland. And a six month program at the University of Tennessee.” I speak other languages too.
“Wow. What are you doing here?” Ok. This could go in so many directions.
“I’m a writer. A journalist.” You should have said “I work as a visa officer for the Consulate General of Finland”. That used to stop every conversation dead in its tracks...
“What do you write?”
“I write everything. Features, profiles, time lines, checks...”
“Who do you work for?”
“Anyone, really... I contribute to Us Weekly, In Style, Angeleno, Variety. I've worked as a translator for Disney...”
“Really? How’d you manage that?”
“I don’t know...Hard work? Recommendations? Talent...” I hope.
“What’s your immigration status?” Are you calling the INS on me?
“I am now an American citizen as well.”
“Yeah, wow...umm. I have to go now. It was nice meeting you.”
“You too! It was Carlita, right?"

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