Voluntales are stories about volunteering. The website was created by Carita Rizzo
and Luisa Ryan for the traveler who wants to share his or her volunteering experiences, but also to help more inexperienced travelers make better decisions about which causes to support, which organizations to travel with and what countries to visit.

Voluntourism has become an ideal way to see the world, gain rare experiences, experience local cultures and give back. But let’s face it, everyone ready to part with their money has questions, and finding answers has become difficult.

We are in the early stages of what we one day hope to accomplish, but our site will answer your questions by featuring travel stories that will serve as recommendations – and sometimes warnings – for other travelers considering voluntourism as a travel option.

The site also features articles about voluntourism and organizations that offer volunteering opportunities. It's a community of people who want to see the world beyond luxury hotels and extreme comfort, and a community that wants to tell those stories.